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Meet the Talent: Oceanity

Michelle began her business by sewing hair bows for herself. Her love of fabric and her extensive collection made it easy to transition into selling her handmade hair accessories on Etsy.

One of Michelle’s goals is to produce beautiful items that will last for years! Her accessories are almost exclusively made from vintage fabrics which means you will find prints and patterns that you are not likely to find elsewhere. Each creation is carefully stitched-glue is never used! Larger bows are attached to high-quality steel barrettes specially ordered from France.

Since Michelle sets high standards for her work and strives to find creative ways to meet these standards, she is always happy to hear that her customers are excited to receive such carefully-crafted, unique hair accessories. Michelle says that as long as she can keep using up her collection of fabric and finding more then she is satisfied!

In addition to hair bows, Michelle also creates other accessories using vintage fabrics. Men’s bow ties, handkerchiefs, and plush items are some of her other products. She is also a printmaker, selling paper goods printed by hand, using processes like letterpress, screen printing, and block printing. Collecting and selling vintage books, reading, quilting, embroidering, singing, gardening, and cooking are also important pieces of the “fabric” of Michelle’s life!

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