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Meet the Talent: Jewel of Denile

Mare has been making jewelry and sewing for over twenty-five years. She got started creating hair accessories while helping a friend with her wedding. When her friend could not find hair accessories to complement her wedding party's attire, Mare decided to make them herself! She remembered that her grandmother had taught her to make fabric flowers. Mare had always loved to take these flowers from the vase and put them in her hair. Mare figured out a way to transition these flowers into a barrette. Now they are one of her best sellers!

Mare's unique flowers are almost entirely handmade. Each petal is a twisted piece of wire covered with a fabric that can be re-shaped each time it's worn. Customers can even supply their own fabric for an exact match to an outfit.

For Mare, the best part of her business is when she sees someone wearing one of her creations or when she receives a compliment on one that she is wearing. She also loves that she can always make a hair accessory to perfectly match any outfit in her wardrobe! Mare would love to one day see someone famous buy and wear one of her creations. Someone like Kelly Osbourne!

Working at her own sewing business is a joy for Mare. Her favorite creations are her sock animals called "Sockingtons". Mare also loves working on projects with her twenty-four year old daughter, Katie.

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