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Meet the Talent: Jellabee

When her daughter was born in 2008, Melany had a difficult time finding cute, simple hair accessories for children. She decided to purchase material and create her own accessories. Soon her friends began to request that she make some for them. Melany then learned about Etsy and her online shop was born!

Melany has now been cutting and sewing hair accessories for over five years. This experience shows in the workmanship and technique that is put into every product that she herself creates. According to Melany, each one has to be cute, while also staying in the hair well.

Designing and making hair accessories is a wonderful creative outlet for Melany and fits well into her busy schedule as a mom of two. She loves thinking about a design and then actually developing it. Melany says that the best feeling comes when someone wants to buy an accessory that she has created all on her own! She looks forward to growing her own brand and continuing to make quality original accessories.

Melany loves spending time with her family. She feels lucky to be able to stay home with her five and two year old daughters, Penny and Violet. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and creating anything handmade. Melany attributes this "love of handmade" to her mother who taught her to machine-sew, crochet, and cross-stitch!

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