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Meet the Talent: Hopscotch Boutique

Laurie began making hair accessories when her oldest daughter wanted to wear a new hair bow every day!  Laurie decided to develop her own designs and spent the next several years perfecting her products.

The hair bows that Laurie creates are constructed using high-end ribbon made in the USA. Each one is handcrafted by Laurie herself who spends much time and care in order to produce high-quality merchandise. New designs are continually developed in order to stay competitive.

Laurie loves to be creative! She also loves to include her family in her endeavors. Laurie's daughters help her plan new bow designs while her son gets to be the judge and the card-maker. They all love making it a family affair. One of Laurie's goals is to one day be successful enough to help support her family through her business.

Laurie met her husband while he was in the Service and they have lived in many areas of the United States. Several years ago Laurie, her husband, and their three beautiful children relocated to Calgary in Alberta, Canada. This has been a wonderful opportunity. Since they are close to national parks, the family participates in outdoor fun which includes snow activities in the winter and hiking and camping in the summer. Laurie also loves to do many different crafts and believes that having dance parties while cooking is something everybody should try! Anything goes when trying to keep everyone busy!

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