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Meet the Talent: Boho Buttons

Amanda began making hair accessories after her first daughter was born in 2012. Being away from family, while her husband was stationed at Fort Drum, prompted Amanda to search for a way to keep busy. Her artistic side beckoned, and Amanda began creating headbands and hair clips for her daughter. Soon, she was making items to match every outfit! Requests started to come from friends, and Amanda found herself making accessories for everyone she knew who had babies or young children. Branching out from fabric flowered items, Amanda added crocheted products to her line of creations. She also began to make head wraps and headbands for herself.

Amanda sets high standards for her business. She strives to make products that are cute and functional, while staying true to her designs. She searches for the best materials and all products are handmade by Amanda herself! In Amanda’s words, “If I wouldn’t put it on my children, I wouldn’t want it on other people’s children.” Customers receive exquisite handmade products, whether they order from Amanda’s regular line or request a made-to-order item. Amanda loves to chat with customers and always welcomes their input!

Besides the enjoyment of creating new hair accessories, Amanda loves that her business allows her to be at home with her three beautiful girls! She hopes to grow her business-possibly nationwide-so that she can continue to stay at home, raising her family while doing something she absolutely loves!

Other outlets for Amanda’s creative side include painting, crocheting, and finishing projects around her home. New art projects with the girls encourages them to be creative - like Mom! The whole family loves to hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoors as much as they possibly can!

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